About Juliette Armand

Juliette Armand is a personal professional skincare brand originating in Athens, Greece. The brand was established in 1992 when chemists Loulia Armagou and Michalis Papaefstratiou decided to become involved in the beauty industry, to explore new formulas. The ‘Personal Professional’ skincare brand came into being combining innovative cosmetics with the personal research of the two chemists.

The Juliette Armand brand name and the Elements, Skin Boosters, SunFilm and Ameson series have gained a strong position within the industry and are already present in more than 30 countries around the world. 

Since its founding in 1992, science has changed dramatically and the beauty industry now has to meet demanding requirements. Juliette Armand continue and preserve as passionately as before in trying to find the next formula, the next formulation, the next innovation. 

Award Winning Skincare

Juliette Armand was proud to win 8 awards at the 2022 Aesthetic Awards in Greece. Winning the awards for “Best Aesthetic Brand 2022” is a special distinction for Juliette Armand and is testament to the continued development using innovative formulas for healthy, clean, and beautiful skin.


The Juliette Armand shop is full of products to help you achieve glowing, fresh, clean skin at home. We offer targeted solutions for all skin types and skin conditions.