When you think of hydration, its natural to think of water. Rightly so, as hydrating our skin simply means increasing its water content.

Dehydration is a skin characteristic which can be experienced by anyone. These skin types lack enough water needed which means skin can appear oily in patches, feel tight and can be experience breakouts. Hydrated skin is smooth, radiant and has an even tone. To achieve this, you need to ensure your skin is getting enough moisture.

Environment and diet can affect our skins moisture level so its important to use the correct skincare with the correct active ingredients to be able to treat this condition.

Key Ingredients in Hydration Skincare

Hyaluronic Acid

The molecular weight of natural hyaluronic acid found in human skin ranged from 4 kDa to 8,000 kDa. When used in cosmetic formulations, depending on its molecular weight and size, offers different properties and actions. Juliette Armand products contain HA ranging from LMW (Low Molecular Weight) to HMW (High Molecular Weight) as well as Mini Hyaluronic. All of these have different hydration levels depending on the level of hydration needed.


A vitamin from vitamin B complex with healing, hydrating, and calming actions against inflammations and irritations. It is readily absorbed by the skin; it rapidly penetrates and retains water inside it. It stimulates the proliferation of epidermal cells, protein synthesis, and accelerates the healing of minor skin wounds.

Vitamin E

Natural antioxidant ingredient, of plant origin that fights free radicals. It also contributes in skin elasticity preservation.

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