Skin repair refers to the continued healing process of existing tissue. The skin can become damaged from professional treatments, acne scars or damage caused by sunlight. Repairing skincare products help to recognise the need for skin to repair and help to stimulate collagen in the skin to help it repair itself. Active ingredients within repairing skin care products can boost the natural rejuvenation process, making the skin smoother and more radiant.

Skin damage can appear on the skin in the form of skin roughness, expression lines, age spots or acne scars.

Key Ingredients in Repairing Skincare

Matrixyl 3000

Matrixyl oligopeptide is the ingredient that was declared more potent and effective than retinol and vitamin C in the fight against wrinkles on July 2002 in World Congress of Dermatology in Paris. According to clinical study results, it effectively reduces wrinkle size, density, volume, and depth, as well as skin roughness, ensuring restoration of damages, and stimulates collagen and fibronectin synthesis.


It is derived from the homonymous Asian plant. It promotes collagen synthesis by contributing to tissue firming. Potent regenerative and anti-edematous agent.

Bifidus Repair Complex

An ingredient of biological origin designed for skin and epidermis regeneration. It prevents the damage caused by sunlight and it enhances the intrinsic cell repair system, increasing the rate of natural cell restoration.

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