Dull skin is generally classed as skin that has lost its natural glow which can be caused by several things including wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots. Dull skin can be a concern due to the natural ageing process or other factors such as sun exposure and lifestyle choices such as poor diet.

To add that glow back into your skin it is important to adopt a daily skincare regime using key active ingredients that help to brighten and improve overall skin complexion.

Key Ingredients in Brightening Skincare


Skin Lightening ingredient. Excellent for normal & hyper-pigmented skin. It offers even skin tone, cell protection, DNA protection, anti-glycation, anti-inflammation, collagen & elastin stimulation, roughness improvement, radiance, crow’s feet fine lines reduction, and overall photo-damage protection.


Derived from a plant from the north fields of Canada. Natural tyrosinase inhibitor, whitens the skin and minimizes erythema and age signs.

Licorice Extract

Natural extract of Licorice roots. Licorice possesses potent and effective anti-inflammatory, antioxidant as well as lightening the skin colour by inhibiting melanin formation, mainly by the inhibition of tyrosinase activity.

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