Skin Boosters Gift Set

Skin Boosters line brings you the revolution in cosmetology science and assures our commitment to providing you with high-end, top-quality products, capable of maximising efficacy in a safe and natural way. 

The characteristic advantage of the line is that its products are in fact “skin boosters”: products with dynamic, complex, and technologically advanced formulas, which boost and enhance the natural processes and functions of the skin. Skin Boosters line is based on innovative ingredients and technology and offers the aesthetics industry formulas fully conforming to global scientific trends in skincare and the most recent scientific achievements. 

In the context of “state-of-the-art” cosmetics creation, all products of the Skin Boosters line are characterised by maximum safety for human health

Thavma Therapy

An alternative to Botox.

Chronos Therapy

An alternative to mesotherapy and anti-ageing.

Opsis Therapy

An alternative to blepharoplasty for eye treatments.

Must Have Products for Skin Boosting

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